Light effects

Light effects over walls with delicious illusions and artistic applications. Delight yourself watching the work of these creative minds, different people, same idea.


Cats by Ferry Halim

I discover this guy some time ago, when i went to minijuegos.com to play flash games and kill the time between studying hours at university. Once I discovered a cute game by him, i think it was "A Cupid's day" or "Summer Walk", but my fav one is "Cats" because of its smartness, elegance and simplicity.
Visit www.orisinal.com or www.ferryhalim.com to know more.

To play Cats, click here or at the upper game starting screenshot pic
To play A Cupid's day, click here
To play Summer Walk, click here

Warning: the last two games are extremely lovely, harmless and cute.


News: Sweet and charming women still live on Earth

I definitely got in love with this actress, i saw her in some movie, which i cant remember right now... I wish i could find a woman like this in my life. How could she be so sweet, natural and beautiful at the same time? And be able to smile in that way the whole interview...

Definitivamente me he enamorado de esta actriz, la he visto en alguna peli, ahora mismo no me acuerdo cual... Me gustaría encontrar a alguien así en mi vida. ¿Cómo puede ser tan dulce, natural y hermosa al mismo tiempo? Y aun así ser capaz de sonreir de esa forma toda la entrevista...

Info at wikipedia: Marion Cotillard