Henry Mancini

Henry Mancini was a succesful composer. He created the very famous melodies of Breakfast at Tiffany's or The Pink Panther, for instance.
But I got totally delighted with this

It's so elegant, smart, and sexy, that you can perfectly imagine champagne in one hand, a womans warm skin in the other, chocolate melting in your mouth, and a sweet and strong smell of perfume and sex remixed.



Do you know Justice? They've come to the electro music scenario from the french turntables to say us how music must be in the new century, every sound from them is so fresh you cannot believe your ears... either the people in the clubs!!! thats why they jump and jump and jump and jump...
Here is a video from their song Phamtom II

And here remixing one of my all time favourite Lenny Kravitz's songs:
Lenny Kravitz feat. Justice - Let Love Rule HD


Thanks to nobody

Its a pity you dont exist, despite that, I love u, too.