A Serious Man

- Just tell him I need help.
- The rabbi is busy.
- He didn't look busy!

Coen Bros. awesome again!


Spoon - I turn my camera on

They say im dangerous with my camera, i go out with my slim and worn sony dsc-t7, so i can pict you in 1 sec... be alert!
This song goes to my head each time someone says something like that about me...
Rock with Spoon!

Radiohead, 43min "from the basement" in HD



Did you know Leonard Cohen?

Met him on film Natural Born Killers, singin "Waiting for the miracle" at the oberture (the commence). But we reencountered on another film, "Watchmen", in a sexy scene. Hes a smooth smoky voice in usual soulful performings. I selected this theme for all you cos its a cult classic, sung by many many singers over music history. I hope this version, Leonard Cohen's and the artist as well, delight your ears as so it did with mine.
(Cant embed, unavailable service from youtube for this vid, but you can click on the link below)
Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah (Live)

Play us with your music

Here we have a Bobby McFerrin, "Dont worry be happy" theme's author. Showing how pentatonic scale works in the World Science Festival 2009.
Play us with your music, Bobby!
(via: Microsiervos)


More than i can say

Yeah, remember this song?
This is the original, by The Crickets, 1960:

This is a famous version by Bobby Vee, quite the same, next year:

And this one, guys, is the one that all you have recorded in the music memory of your brains, the big Leo Sayer, singin it in 1980 (well, obviously this is a live record from year 2000 or around there):

Hope you enjoyed.


Miles Fisher

Due to the recent release of his new single covering covering The Talknig Head's classic "This must be the place", i started investigating about him. In the single, he is parodying the film American Psycho in a brilliant way. It helps his strong resemblance to a mix between Christian Bale and Tom Cruise. He is young enough to be a superstar, he bornt in 1983.
Here is the single:

I also found that nowadays he is a mild succesful actor, being his most popular performance on Superhero Movie. To promote the movie, he parodyed (this time youve to think of the not so good meaning of the verb to parody)Tom Cruise, talking about "things"... better watch it. This guy is talented. Lets talk about him in some years.

Hilarious, isnt it?