We will thank to know each other

Despite my efforts, I know I do not look as I am, but just because nobody looks how truly is, here is my example, my piece of evidence, which proves it. (click)


Extreme Ways

Two years ago I went to the cinema to watch the last part of the Bourne Trilogy. It's a really entertainining and breathless action thriller, starred by Matt Damon. In the last issue, Bourne's Ultimatum, Moby adapted Extreme Ways song specifically for this film, so that mean: I watch one of the better action movies of my life, gathered up with a brilliant soundtrack:
(click on the picture)


Do you know how to erase those white reflective paint signs from the road?

Burning them!!!
And I show you this picture as a piece of evidence, it was made by myself while crossing the road at night, just opposite my home. The light effect was marvellous, even some cars stopped to watch WTF was going on there.


Esperanza :: Hope

Tengo la esperanza, la gran esperanza de que algún día encuentre mi camino. De ser admirado por mi trabajo entre mis clientes o compañeros, de ser admirado en mi familia por mi mujer o hijos, de ser admirado por mi talento, mi humildad, mis esfuerzos, mi amistad o mi creatividad... Tengo la esperanza de encontrar a alguien con quien compartir el resto de mi camino hasta el final y de encontrar a muchos con quién compartir viajes.
Tengo la esperanza de ser comprendido y de que hay más como yo.
Tengo la esperanza de encontrar el amor. No debe ser tan difícil.

I've got the hope, the very hope that someday i'll find the way. To be admired among my fellows for my work, or among my family by my wife or sons, to be admired by my talent, my humility, my efforts, my loyal friendship or my creativity... I hope to find someone to share my way with until the end, and to find many to share many trips with, too.
I've got the hope to be understood and that there are many more like me out there.
I've got the hope to find Love. It cant't be so difficult.

(There's a small surprise after clicking on the image in the form of a spanish charming singer who i dream of..... mmm)